Electronic Engine Analysis

Quality Electronic Engine Analysis

State-Of-The-Art Computer Diagnostics

If your dashboard warning lights have turned on, your car or truck is signaling that something is wrong. Come to Jamie's Auto & Truck Repair for the state-of-the-art diagnostics that get to the root of the problem. We will hook up your car or truck to our computerized diagnostics system and see what's wrong.
Our computer will give us a set of codes, and it will help us troubleshoot your vehicle. Call now to schedule diagnostics for your car!
Auto repair

Accurate Problem Identification

With computerized diagnostics, we can learn exactly what's wrong with your vehicle. You don't have to hope your car makes the weird noise for our mechanics — the computer will give us a good indication of the problem. With that knowledge, our technicians can repair your car promptly and at a competitive price.
Call 740-695-1722 for your auto repair needs.
Get to the root of your vehicle's troubles!
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